Talent developer

Organizational change


Back to basic structure

When your company has to rebuild its structure, cause there is no more steady ground for continuity, call me. I will facilitate this make over from a HRM point of view. Such as evaluating job-descriptions, (internal) recruiting and guiding your human capital to the new business outline, besides planning of the operation and overall communication. Let me be your solid rock in this earthquake operation, to create fertile ground again.

Recruitment training


Lucky opportunities

Presenting your personal richdom to new job opportunities takes preparation in knowing thyself. But also being a manager, interviewing candidates can be stressful without a clear base of reference. I can provide both of you with the necessary insights in selecting the right job description or CV, in locating and interviewing top candidates or companies, so that you both get the highest quality in outcome you want. An excellent organization to work for!

Search & assessment


Unique team match

When you are looking for compelling new partners to enhance your business, let me take care of the recruitment and selecting procedure. From setting up the position profile and the advertisement campaign, to screening candidates by e.g. an assessment and closing the deal. Besides single, executive search, your company can benefit from my project management experience for national recruitment en selecting campaigns.