Niebuhr | Change manager
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Change manager

Interim manager


Sound and solid support

Craving for extra management team capacity to get hold on your business? Rely on my support. I will assist you handling smoothly daily or newly set up operations in times of extra challenges. As an outcome oriented people manager creating enthusiastic teams, who know what to do and how to do it right in a cheerful way, energizes me. Serving companies to let them become healthy, inspiring working places is a great pleasure to me.

Management Consultant


Inspiring eyes of a stranger

Would you like to make a positive change in your business strategy? Use my experience and insights as an outsider to review your human resource management or design a new, more challenging vision for future working relations and remunerations. Let me inspire you to create more wellbeing at work by using the environment to work less and achieve more. Experience the joy of smart choices by positive results in communication and commitments.

Shadow manager


Blossom up to your best

Do you need extra support to be at your best or to review your management style? By allowing temporary hands-on assistance just for your sake or personal feedback when you are in action. Feel supported and taken care of in a unique and personal way. Enjoy this special treatment.