About me

Tanja Niebuhr

Born in Boston (USA) on the 30th of April 1959 as a first and only child of an American/Russian father and a Dutch/Indonesian mother. Their marriage did not last for a lifetime. At the age of 2 we settled in the Netherlands under the loving care of my mother’s parents.


My career as a conscious and curious student was already in full swing in preschool. I was inspired by the thought that there was so much to learn, to earn and take care of with the needs of others and myself. So due to family circumstances I experienced at a young age how it feels to leave behind the past and start all over again.


After high school I chose to obtain a management degree in the hospitality industry. The idea of serving people by creating an enjoyable, relaxing spot where one feel comfortable and taken care of appealed to me — clients as well as employees, so they could both benefit from healthy, energetic surroundings.


My eagerness to learn and move forward in life led me to the University of Amsterdam, to become an organizational psychologist.  Analyzing and fulfilling the needs of organizations in a way that will vitalize and serve their environment feels as my contribution to society.


As an HR consultant at KPMG, I could put my visions into practice. I was thrilled being responsible for solving important questions in a congruent, ethical and efficient way. Most of my clients were international companies.


After a few years I was given the opportunity to extend my own management skills as head of the HR department. I enjoyed bringing about sound and sane working conditions for my former colleges.


At the end of 1994 I started my independent, one-woman company. Work always mirrored my personal development. The more I learned and experienced, the more intensely I could serve clients’ needs.
To this day I feel blessed with my qualities to be able to energize people, enhance their communication skills and awaken their inner knowing and understanding, in an uplifting, joyful and inspiring way.


Most of the time I operate as a management trainer and business coach. Once in a while I enjoy a management position, too.  It keeps my senses sharp to practice what I teach and I am able to contribute directly to an efficient, creative and energetic work environment.


Besides my office work I have been a passionate body coach for over 10 years, making people more aware of their mental balance and flexibility by letting them enjoy their body movements. The body tells more than the mind sometime knows…. Fascinating combination!


I am always curious to find systems that contribute to healthy, holistic lifestyles, such as Feng Shui and Ayurveda. If they prove useful, I integrate them into my business “healings”.

I get inspiration from great teachers, loving friends and living in India. They all reset my mind in a positive way and support me in my longing to bring worlds together. Unification has importance on a variety of levels, inside and outside ourselves.


My passion is making companies worldwide energetic temples of well-being where people are at their best:  balanced, inspiring and in tune with themselves and their surroundings. Corporate Wellness Management at its best.

I would love to share my passion with you!